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Subscribing to a channel

Select platform

Just go to the subscriptions tab, click the +-icon and type in the desired channel name and click the confirm-button. After clickint the +, you will be able to select what platform to use. Select your platform and input the information described below for your platform.


Just type in your channel name. Tubefeeder will search the input in the youtube channels and take the first one.


You will have to input a base url and the channel name. The base url can be any url pointing to a peertube instance, e.g. The channel name should be in the format name@url, e.g. You can get the name in such a format when clicking on the clipboard button below the channel name on a video channel.

Note: Only video channels are supported.

Note: Currently youtube-dl does not work with Peertube, use yt-dlp instead. This is already done in the flatpak version, so nothing will need to be done there.


You will have to input the channel name in the format @abcdef:i where abcdef is the channel name and i is a single character. You can get this format by going to the channel page of the channel, the mentioned format can be found in the url.

Note: Currently youtube-dl and yt-dlp need to download the full video before playing. This will mean Tubefeeder will take quite a long time to open the videos.


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