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Using a different video player

Note: Depending on the video player you use, you may not be able to play videos from all supported platforms.

Using the settings (not for Flatpak)

Just change the value of the “Player”-field in the settings.

Using the settings for Flatpak

Changing the default player for the Flatpak is a little bit harder as the Flatpak version does not have access to run arbitrary commands on the host. You will have to change that permission manually. Additionally, you will have to add a prefix to the command to execute it outside the sandbox.

Changing the permissions

Depending on how you have installed the Flatpak (user or system-wide) you will have to run one of the following commands. If you are unsure how you have installed it, just try out both.

flatpak --user override de.schmidhuberj.tubefeeder --talk-name=org.freedesktop.Flatpak
sudo flatpak  override de.schmidhuberj.tubefeeder --talk-name=org.freedesktop.Flatpak

You can check that the command worked by using

flatpak info --show-permissions de.schmidhuberj.tubefeeder

You should see:

[Session Bus Policy]


You need to prefix your command with flatpak-spawn --host for it to be able to run outside of the sandbox.

If you are using e.g. Clapper, you will have to set it to:

flatpak-spawn --host flatpak run com.github.rafostar.Clapper

Using environmental variables

Note: This overrides any values in the settings.

To change the default video player, use the environmental variable PLAYER. You can for example set this variable in your .profile, e.g by adding PLAYER="myplayer" to your .profile.

For Flatpak, you will again have to change the permissions of the Flatpak and set the PLAYER to PLAYER="flatpak-spawn --host myplayer"


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