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Installing a beta version

Beta versions often have some new features that will soon make its way into the stable branch. If you want to help testing, you can install the beta version from Flatpak.


You should always make a backup of your data before running beta-level versions. To make a backup of your Tubefeeder-Data, please copy ~/.local/share/tubefeeder to a save place and restore the data by copying it back. Only copy the data while Tubefeeder is not running.

Installing the beta version

You will first have to remove the stable version, if installed, e.g. by using

flatpak remove de.schmidhuberj.tubefeeder

Now add the flathub-beta repository and install Tubefeeder:

flatpak remote-add flathub-beta
flatpak install flathub-beta de.schmidhuberj.tubefeeder


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